“Letters From Uncle Dave,” a Engrossing Book by Phil Rosenkrantz

Letters From Uncle Dave

The 73-Year Journey to Find a Missing in Action World War II Paratrooper

by Phil Rosenkrantz

Letters From Uncle Dave is not only the story of a young American serving in WWII, it’s a family story about what happens when that MIA or KIA telegram arrives. And how it permeates through the family when he’s never found and the family is left in limbo, dealing with an ambiguous loss and unresolved grief that even effects more generations.

Because my Grandma Leora lost three of her five sons who served in WWII, I can relate to the not knowing, as for one of the brothers, only God knows where his remains lie today.

How encouraging to read about the author’s trips to Europe, to try to learn what he could about his uncle, and to learn how much the Dutch revere the young Americans who helped liberate their homeland. They publicly remember anniversaries and welcome Americans who visit, especially those seeking answers.

This family history and historical journey, aiming for closure by one family, is a real American treasure.


Dr. Phil Rosenkrantz is a devoted educator with a passion for lifelong learning and promoting student success. He especially enjoys traveling and annual backpacking trips. Phil is an avid volunteer with many years of service to the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association (U.S. Forest Service), Boy Scouts, Eastside Christian Schools, the American Society for Quality, and Special Olympics.

He is Professor Emeritus of Engineering at California State Polytechnic University Pomona, where he taught for over 35 years. Prior to teaching, Phil worked for General Motors for ten years in engineering and management. Phil and his wife, Judy, have four children: David, Julia, Sarah, and Debi. His other passions include World War II history, bluegrass, and Disneyland. Phil and Judy now divide their time between Southern California and Central Arizona.

Please visit his website.

Letters from Uncle Dave was endorsed by Steve Snyder, author of Shot Down: The true story of pilot Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth.


  1. This sounds like a good book! We need to have a little thing we can put in our posts that readers click on to add a book to their to-read list!!!!

  2. Oops, tell Phil his book shows up twice on Goodreads. Probably better to only have it on their once so the reviews don’t get divided up!

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