Two New WWII Historical Novels

Where Shall I Flee?

Anne Clare

Lieutenant Jean Hoff of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps and infantryman Corporal George Novak have never met, but they have three things in common. They are both driven by a past they’d rather leave behind. They have both been sent to the embattled beachhead of Anzio, Italy. 1944.

And when they both wind up on the wrong side of the German lines, they must choose whether to resign themselves to captivity or risk a dangerous escape. The story follows their journey through the dangers of World War II Italy, where faith vies with fear and forgiveness may be necessary for survival.

What a suspenseful story, on several levels–physical, emotional, psychological! You tend to forget about nurses’ contributions to the war effort, this one in Italy. But her service was cut short when she’s the only woman caught with soldiers behind enemy lines. Day by day they face dangers while trying to return to the Americans. One of the German doctors is an especially interesting character, as is a scene where an unusual tea is served up. An absorbing WWII novel.

This awesome author-mom-teacher-musician also completed writing 50,000 last month for NaNoWriMo! She challenged her students to do the same, so an extra incentive. Wow!

Anne Clare’s Amazon Author Page. She also has a website.

Land That I Love

Gail Kittleson

Set in the German Hill Country of Texas during World War II, the book deals with love and loss, friendship and animosity, fathers and sons, and coping during times of war and peace. As the characters struggle with the problems of everyday life, they teach us that we survive hard times by being good neighbors despite our differences and that hatred can be conquered by love, understanding and forgiveness.

What a masterful story, rich in history (the war, but also Texas and the Hill Country), rich in exploring mental illness, the power of place, and rich in language.

Of all of Gail Kittleson’s several WWII historical novels, this one is my favorite.

Gail’s Amazon Author Page. Her Women of the Heartland series. Here’s Gail’s website.



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