The Treasure Map, The Compass, The Spyglass

Each book in “The Adventures of Niko Monroe” is set during Christmas. These YA Christian Science Fiction stories will appeal to both boys and girls. This senior citizen has really enjoyed the books as well! They’d make great Christmas gifts for kids.

The Treasure Map

Is it possible for an escaped convict to be a hero? That’s the question asked by a boy who finds a map in an old trunk in the attic. Cleaning up the attic during Christmas break was punishment for less than stellar grades, but leads to a challenging mystery from an earlier time, connected to the boy’s ancestry. Boys and girls alike will be intrigued by this well-told and suspenseful story.



The Compass

Jack Monroe is a fifth grader with a mystery under his bed, and a class project due after Christmas that he’s to complete with three others in his class, one of them a girl. The class project is to design a country with a history, culture, with people who’ll need jobs. But kids will be kids, and the author skillfully gives them unique and winsome personalities. Their assignment was a complex one.

The mystery under his bed is also complex, in another country with its own history and culture, a young hero named Niko, and a small band of believers being used as pawns by two evil factions. This thread of the story is rich with human turmoil and symbolism, almost prophetic.


The Spyglass (new this fall)

All three books in “The Adventures of Niko Monroe” trilogy include two worlds sharing the same timeline, come to a climax at Christmastime (the author’s favorite holiday).

Both threads are thought-provoking, with perils and uncertainty of survival fascinating enough to be enjoyed by both youthful readers and adults, all the while pondering whether they’d be as brave in similar situations.


The author, Tyler Scott Hess, a Christmastime-loving father to three young daughters, has written other books as well. Check out his Amazon Author Page.



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