Veteran has been to all 99 of Iowa’s Freedom Rocks

Brian Chung is the first “Full Freedom Rocker” or “Full 99er,” visiting the Freedom Rocks in all of Iowa’s 99 counties, that I know of.  It’s officially known as The Freedom Rock Tour.
This 20-year veteran of the Army National Guard has visited them on his Goldwing. He’s also taken a short video of several of them, walking all the way around and taking some of the surroundings, to share with the rest of us on Facebook.
I “met” Brian because of The Freedom Rocks. He still had four of them to visit, and he got ‘er done before the snow flies! He commented on his Facebook page: “from May through the end of October I completed traveling to and capturing photos from all 99 Freedom Rocks. I put 10,000 miles on my Goldwing and have had interesting travels across all pf Iowa. Over the course of time I also watched Iowa grow through Spring and Harvest in the Fall. It has been a great adventure. A few days I did 500 plus miles in a day when the sun went down later in the Summer. I found it to be a special time riding, and at each Rock I tried to reflect on those depicted in the paintings and all of the various service members from the specific county who are being recognized with said rock. Hooah!”
He said that one reason he joined the National Guard had to do with his grandfather. I’m hoping he’ll share that story, which also needs to be honored and remembered.


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