The 50 State Freedom Rock Tour

Iowa has 99 counties. Freedom Rock founder and artist Ray “Bubba” Sorensen just completed the 99th Freedom Rock this fall. He calls his project “a unique 99 piece mural across Iowa,” and indeed it’s an iconic legacy for the entire state.

Iowa’s Freedom Rock #100 will be auctioned for a veterans’ charity.

Meanwhile, the 50 State Freedom Rock Tour is underway, spreading the message of gratitude for veterans beyond his home state of Iowa. Five are already completed, with two more booked. Click the link to see if your state has a Freedom Rock in the works.

Each year, Ray and Maria Sorensen create a calendar promoting a dozen Freedom Rocks. “Our” Dallas County Freedom Rock is the October feature for 2022! The five Wilson brothers are on one side. The north side remembers Bob Feller (from Van Meter) and Nile Kinnick (grew up in Adel).

Calendars are available here.

Here’s Ray “Bubba” Sorensen’s  20-minute interview with Our American Stories.


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