Five Surprising Things about Author William Ablan

William Ablan/Richard Muniz’ surprising list:

  1. I did a 100-mile road march in Holland.

2. Put a bullet hole in the roof of my car (being stupid out of season).

3. Shared a beer with a real, live princess.

4. Met William Shatner and had a good conversation with him. I didn’t realize it was him until several minutes after I’d walked away.

5. Ran a marathon on a broken foot.


This conversationalist with William Shatner is the author of The Lawman Series, including The Cross and the Badge and Against Flesh and Blood, stories “From the Case Files of Detective Will Diaz (Ret.)” The novels are based on stories from the author’s own compelling experiences from his years in law enforcement.

A native of the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado, Rich was raised a cowboy. His sights were set on distant horizons, light years away in fact. He studied Astronomy at Adams State University, and in his senior year, began to suspect he was taking a degree in something he couldn’t get hired for.

He ended up working as a law enforcement officer for over twenty years. Somewhere in the middle of all this, events would dictate that he step out of his comfort zone. He enlisted in the United States Army as a Military Policeman. His experience as a civilian police officer proved invaluable in the Army as he worked undercover narcotics, plain clothes investigations, and VIP security. During this he deployed to the Persian Gulf for the Gulf War. After the Gulf War, he worked Emergency Management in the San Luis Valley.

Eventually he moved into the Information Technology field, and has worked in it for the past twenty years. He’s considered an expert in VMware, Security, and Auditing, and has written extensively on those subjects. He and his wife currently reside in Greeley, Colorado.


William/Rich also has a website, where lately he’s been researching bad guys (and gals) and other fascinating stories from Colorado history. He also shares stories on Our American Stories and does his own podcasts.

I don’t suppose he still has that car with the bullet hole in the roof.

2023 interview with


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