My five best books on surprising and compelling WWII stories is a fairly new website and an exciting new way to share books–for readers as well as for a way for authors to share their own books.

The concept is for an author to feature his/her book, and also recommend five related books. Since I featured Leora’s Letters, I chose books of surprising and compelling WWII stories.

Here are the ones I recommended:

U-505: The Lone Wolf of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry by James E. Wise, Jr.

Typhoon: The Other Enemy: The Third Fleet and the Pacific Storm of December 1944 by Captain C. Raymond Calhoun

Crosses in the Wind: Graves Registration Service in the Second World War by Joseph James Shomon

LST 388: A World War II Journal by Robert William Von Der Osten, Barbara Von Der Osten

Soldiers’ Stories: A Collection of WWII Memories, Volume II by The Miller Family


Here’s the link to the post on, where I explain why I chose those specific books.

As a reader, as an author, you’ll want to check out their website.




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