Lee Habeeb, Founder of Our American Stories, in Iowa

God and Country

Last weekend’s God and Country event was the 15th for Monty and Becky Button of rural Adel. They are fans of Our American Stories and had arranged for a producer to interview their friend Ron Mason, a WWII veteran who was over 100 years old.

Producer Joey Cortes brought up the idea of coming to Iowa with Monty, who suggested they come for their annual God and Country event.

Our American Stories founder, Lee Habeeb, and two producers were here for two events. One was the Our Iowa Stories contest at the Machine Shed Restaurant.

The other was an outdoor Sunday morning service, complete with patriotic hymns. Lee Habeeb was the main speaker. He has such a heart for telling America’s best stories, reminding us of our positive heritage. His stories were powerful.

This man of Lebanese and Italian descent began with a quote from President Ronald Reagan’s farewell address, “If we forget what we did, we’ll forget who we are.”

He reminded us that the song “God Bless America,” which he led us in singing (then sang a stanza for us), was written by a Russian Jew, Irving Berlin. And that Berlin donated the money the song earned to the Boy Scouts of America.

I’d noticed the OAS story about Dr. Benjamin Rush, but hadn’t listened to it yet. After hearing Lee’s rendition of it, I listened to it again via their website after we got home. What an amazing story.

Habeeb also talked about the last speech Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was given just the night before he was killed.

And he told the story of Master Sgt. Roddy Edmonds‘ leadership and quiet courage after his unit had been captured. Compelling history from the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.

I love hearing America’s stories through Lee Habeeb’s heart for them. I’m still amazed that Our American Stories came to “flyover country,” but so thankful they did. All started with the interview Monty Button set up with them for WWII veteran, Ron Mason.

At the end of the incredible service, Monty was sad to announce that Mr. Mason had died just the evening before.

Becky and Monty Button

At the last, he played part of the interview with Ron Mason that Joey Cortes had produced, first aired last April.



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