The Wilson Kids’ Birthdays – 1927

The Wilson kids’ birthdays fell between May 13 and September 14. Many times their Grandmother Laura Goff baked birthday cakes for them.

Both twins Dale and Darlene got his/her own cake – 6th birthday – May 13,1927 Creamery Road, Penn Township, south of Dexter, Iowa
Danny turned 4 on May 21, 1927. This was around the time of his mastoidectomy.
I believe this was taken on Delbert’s 12th birthday, June 3, 1927                                                                                              Back: Donald, Doris, Darlene tucked in, Delbert. Front: Dale, Danny, Junior
Junior’s second birthday, July 6, 1927
Doris on her 9th birthday, August 30, 1927. “The quilt is a present from Grandmother Laura [Jordan] Goff. Most of blocks pieced by her great grandmother Emilia [Moore] Jordan. Danny and Junior watching lighted candles.”
I didn’t find a birthday photo of Donald, but here he is about that time. On September 14, 1927, he would have been 11 years old.


  1. Such precious birthday photos. Love Jr’s 2nd birthday stance 🙂 And wow on the birthday quilt!!!!!!! Looks like a 9 patch (?) Do you still have it, or someone does?

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