Recent Interviews–The Reason for Memorial Day

These are mainly just to be able to save them. If you like listening to a “grandmotherly voice,” that’s what I sound like these days!

Veterans Voices – Roger Riley, Multimedia Journalist, WHO-HD 13, Des Moines

We did the interview in the Dexter Historical Museum May 10. Roger had the nearly-hour-long recording down to a succinct three-minute segment within less than 24 hours.

A Channel 13 TV News vehicle on the main street of Dexter was quite an eye-catcher! Roger Riley.

Five Dallas County Brothers Served, Only Two Came Home from WWII

Roger alerted me that the story had been picked up by NewsFeed Now:


Max & Amy in the Morning, Newsradio 1040 WHO

This team took over from our beloved Van Harden earlier this year. They are a perfect fit for our favorite morning show, and so welcoming for an short (maybe 8 minutes in-studio interview. (BTW, Maxwell did my very first radio interview in December of 2018 when he was the host of WHO’s Saturday morning show.)

Saturday Morning Live with Emery Songer, Newsradio 1040 WHO

Emery Songer was the perfect choice to take over for Maxwell Schaffer on Saturday mornings. He usually invites a cohost for the three hours, but since this was a holiday, he did it solo, even running down to let us into the studio! I’m old enough to be his grandma, but he is such a delight.

Sharing Memorial Day thoughts with Emery Songer on Saturday Morning Live, Newsradio 1040 WHO, staring about 20:30, lasts until about 32:00.


  1. I enjoyed listening to your Max and Amy interview. (I couldn’t get the Emery one to play.) I think you’re right about the meaning and purpose of Memorial Day having gotten lost.

    • Should we do something about it? I had more time with Emery and mentioned that I’d just learned that the British Commonwealth commemorates a “War Graves Week.” That would give time to learn about war casualties in each community and learn some history at the same time. We could still have a three-day weekend at the end, but still have remembered what Memorial Day was set aside for.

  2. I like to think that the meaning of Memorial Day is being preserved for the most part and will remain woven into the fabric of what our country stands for…but thats left to be proven!

    • I’ve noticed that it’s mostly forgotten because of the long weekend leading to summer. We need to figure out a way to pass on these stories to the next generations. The British now have a “War Graves Week.” That would be a way to more actively focus on local war casualties and also soak up some history at the same time.

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