We Brake for Lilacs (poem)

We Brake for Lilacs

When the air is permeated
with luxurious lilac fragrance,
my daily walk takes longer
as I linger in lush perfume.
It’s hereditary. My mother,
in her eighties, admits to
climbing off her riding mower
for a blessed breath of bliss.
(written about 2000)


  1. I love this poem! The image of your mother getting of the riding lawnmower to smell the lilacs is just wonderful! When I was growing up in Vermont, our side porch was hidden by overgrown lilacs that extended above the porch roof. They were glorious!

      • I lived in the south for many years when my husband was in the Navy, and I also missed the lilacs. It was such a treat to experience them again when we moved back to New England. We have several bushes by the house.

  2. Awe, an aroma of memory. Joy, I did the recording session for NPR. They didn’t want a straight read of the post, so I just spoke of her story using the post as a framework. Thanks for recommending me. God’s grip – Alan

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