Join Me Thursday in Person or Via Facebook: Earlham’s Senior Speaker Series

The Earlham Senior Speaker Series invited me back! The talk about Leora’s Depression Era stories was to be a year ago, but a virus canceled in-person meetings. I promise this won’t be a depressing presentation.

You may enter on the east and climb a flight of stairs, or from the north to use the elevator. It’s their Senior Series, but they won’t check your ID to see if you’re old enough.

It will be streamed (10 a.m. Central Daylight Time) on the Bricker-Price Block Facebook page. Last week’s was their first time, so was a little awkward and the sound was echo-y, but should be better Friday. It’ll be fun anyway!


Located in Madison County, Iowa, in the small town of Earlham, the Bricker-Price Block (consisting of C.D. Bricker Building, 115 S. Chestnut Ave. on the south, and W. Price Building, 105 S. Chestnut Ave. on the north) occupies the prominent southwest corner at the intersection of First Street and Chestnut Avenue in the Earlham central business district.

Built in 1900 to house the C.D. Bricker grocery and general store business and leased commercial space in the W.P. Price Building, with second-floor offices above each, the Bricker-Price Block also includes a 1919 one-story rear warehouse addition to the Bricker Building.

These two adjoining but separately owned buildings were built at the same time by the same builder with a unified façade and matching cast-iron storefronts, and thus the two buildings are jointly known historically as the Bricker-Price Block.



  1. I’m so sorry! I got busy mowing/trimming the lawn and completely forgot your presentation until I saw your LinkedIn reminder–two hours late! Will it be available on video later?

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