Earlham Bricker-Price Senior Series–April 2021

They’ve asked me to speak on the 16th!

Senior Series, April 2021
10:00 Friday mornings, Bricker-Price Block, Earlham, Iowa

April 9 – Darcy Maulsby, Iowa’s Story Teller, and her latest book, Madison County, part of the Images of America Series. While Hollywood made the bridges famous, there are many more stories for Darcy to share.

April 16 – Joy Neal Kidney, Earlham grad, and her upcoming book, Leora’s Dexter Stories: The Scarcity Years of the Great Depression. It’s the prequel to her WWII book, Leora’s Letters. All seven Wilson children grew up in Dexter during the Depression. Some stories are heart-rending, some are funny, and so many episodes are eye-opening. She will also share back-stories. [Here’s how that turned out. Hard to hear at the beginning, but it improves.]

April 23 – Linda Smith, who is on the Board of the Madison County Historical Society, will give a program about George Washington Carver. Carver was a famous scientist, humanitarian, and artist, but before he ever went to college, he lived and worked in a Winterset hotel.  Linda Smith will tell his inspiring story.

April 30 – Brian Downes, Executive Director of Winterset’s John Wayne Birthplace and Museum, will present “A Day With the Duke.” Last year he gave a tour of the museum for the Senior Series via video. Mr. Downes tell stories and connections with the Wayne family that are fascinating.  (John Wayne’s roles in military films are featured on the Madison County Freedom Rock.)

Located in Madison County, Iowa, in the small town of Earlham, the Bricker-Price Block (consisting of C.D. Bricker Building, 115 S. Chestnut Ave. on the south, and W. Price Building, 105 S. Chestnut Ave. on the north) occupies the prominent southwest corner at the intersection of First Street and Chestnut Avenue in the Earlham central business district.

Built in 1900 to house the C.D. Bricker grocery and general store business and leased commercial space in the W.P. Price Building, with second-floor offices above each, the Bricker-Price Block also includes a 1919 one-story rear warehouse addition to the Bricker Building.

These two adjoining but separately owned buildings were built at the same time by the same builder with a unified façade and matching cast-iron storefronts, and thus the two buildings are jointly known historically as the Bricker-Price Block.

You may enter on the east and climb a flight of stairs, or from the north to use the elevator. It’s their Senior Series, but they won’t check your ID to see if you’re old enough.



    • My first time was right before the Dallas County Freedom Rock was dedicated in 2019. I hadn’t given a program since 2001 because of fibromyalgia, so I was really nervous. This time will be such fun! (I’m a 1962 Earlham grad, so I’ll likely know most of the attendees.)

      • Exhaustion and pain show up together every 3-4 hours, which means a 25-30 min. nap three times a day. I’m not letting it define me, but it sill rules my days. I’m just so thankful that the brain fog lifted. (My husband does floors, groceries, and a lot more, which means we can deal with this.)

      • You are so organized and such a dynamic person that you have developed a way to “handle” the monster, so to speak. Kudos to you, Joy!

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