“Leora’s Letters” Interview with John Busbee

I hadn’t heard this interview with John Busbee since it was first aired a year ago last December. He just sent me a link to it.

I felt so at ease in his studio at Mainframe, and he made me feel like a real writer!

He begins with how we met. I’m a fan of Iowa History Journal. John had written an award-winning story for it about Iowa’s Littleton Brothers, all six of whom died as a result of the Civil War. At the end, it mentioned that he was writing a a book about the brothers.

He and another man gave a program about it at my local library, so I attended. Afterwards, I asked John how the book was coming. Then I mentioned the Wilson family of Dallas County who’d lost three sons during WWII, and that I was about to publish a book about them. He whipped out his business card and said to let him know when it was ready, that he’d like to interview me about it.

This takes 13 1/2 minutes, if you’d like to listen in.

I look so serious, but I was having fun!

John Busbee has edited and written the Foreword for Leora’s Dexter Stories: The Scarcity Years of the Great Depression, which should be published later this spring.


  1. I just listened to the interview. Busbee did a great job selling Leora’s Letters! Given his enthusiasm, I expect you’ll be a returning guest when the Depression Years is launched.

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