1950s Date by Gary Knox

I “met” Gary Knox through something I’d written. That led to his reading Leora’s Letters, which lit a fire under this retired math teacher, widower and wood-carving hobbyist.

He pretty much disappeared from Facebook the entire month of January. When he surfaced again, he’d written, edited, read aloud, and had printed up more than 70 pages of memoirs!

Noticing the dialogue in Leora’s Letters, he also included some in his stories. Last week he messaged a poem, asking my opinion. Well, lump in throat, it’s just dear. February 15 is the anniversary of his first date with Verdeen in 1958, so today is the perfect day to publish his first poem.



Gary and Verdeen Knox

50th Wedding Anniversary, 2011


  1. How delightful that Gary was inspired by Leora’s Letters to work on his memoirs! I love his sweet poem to his wife. Now, the question is, did he have a necking knob on his steering wheel?

  2. Liz…Necking knobs…made me chuckle. We always called those knobs “Spinners”. We had one on our old Farmall tractor. I had no car of my own and never could talk my dad into putting a spinner on our car. Even when our cars had a console between us my wife would put her hand on it and we would hold hands. Even after she died, I still often drive with my left on the steering wheel and my right on the console.

  3. Two knobs helped the right arm some. Moving the shift lever to the left side of the steering wheel on a 48 Chev. also helped free the right arm. Shifting was backwards, but you got used to it.

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