Clabe’s Model T Truck Becomes a Model T Roadster

Wilsons’ Model T truck trundled to Des Moines

from Dexter so that Delbert and Donald could

sign up for the US Navy. They brought home

a radio for the family, and a sled for younger brothers.


They left home a month later, February 1934.

Donald and Delbert Wilson, Dexter, January 1934. They’ve been to Des Moines to look into signing up for the US Navy. Grandmother’s house is in the background. Yes, it’s snowing. They left for the Navy a month later.
Danny, Junior, and Dale with the new sled. Dexter, Iowa. January 1934.

September 5, their father wrote his sons

how relieved they were when

Delbert’s allotment check arrived

so the kids could buy overalls and school books.


Clabe and the younger brothers were out in the shed one day.

One of them said, “Why don’t you take the top off–it looks too high!”

Their dad picked up the hammer and knocked it off.


“You ought to have heard them laugh.

We cut down the seat and cut off half of the windshield.

It looks like a sports roadster.”

Clabe, Dale, Danny, and Junior with the “roadster.” Their pet squirrel Rusty is on the fender.
Danny is watching Rusty, Dale is in the driver’s seat, Junior is on the hood of their roadster.




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