Aimless Life, Awesome God by Robert Frohlich

The Book

“Why am I still alive?” That question was in the back of his mind when in 1965, Robert Frohlich was headed out towards Arizona to look for a job after serving in the army for three years. Escaping a splintered family and a troubled past, his car broke down in Wisconsin. Through a series of events that involved finding life-long friends, stable work, and the love of his life, he never left, finally finding a place to stay after wandering for most of his life.

However, that was not the first time God caused Robert’s life to change direction, nor will it be the last. By learning to trust in the Lord and let things come as they may, Robert has led a fulfilling life serving God, his family, and his community. Aimless Life, Awesome God is the story of Robert Frohlich, but it is also the story of anyone willing to let God redirect their lives according to His awesome plan.

The Author

Robert’s journey from manager to speaker to author is marked by hiFace on H&Ss eagerness to tell a story. And it’s always been a true story. One of his readers, after finishing Frohlich’s book Aimless Life, Awesome God exclaimed, “Wow! You’ve had a lot of different experiences!” Always looking for the next thing, Robert moved from his birthplace in New York to settle, quite unexpectedly, in Wisconsin.

Often changing careers, he moved from sales to training to managing, with many odd jobs in between. And as his career moved along its erratic path, his faith grew ever more strong. It was inevitable and it was necessary. Death came close a couple of times, and temptations were everywhere. Yet Robert’s growing faith and trust in God carried him through the darkest times and led him through all the twists and turns of life.

It was this faith that led Robert to become a preaching layman, serving in leadership positions in three different churches. Because the best, true story Robert could tell was the Gospel story; salvation by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone.

Robert Frohlich still lives in Wisconsin, with his wife of more than 50 years, Marleen. Together they have two daughters and three grandchildren. Robert’s next book will be about….well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

My Thoughts

What an amazing life, an amazing story of God’s hand on one life, in spite of a broken childhood and even poor choices. I love stories that show God’s surprising nudges in a life through the decades, and the influence of that life on those around him.

I enjoy following this author’s website. His grandfather and mine both drove early 1940s Plymouths.

He has told stories which have been aired on Our American Stories, amusing episodes dealing with trucks a lot larger than he was used to:

Learning to Drive: Most of us know how to drive, but very few of us have had to re-learn to drive unexpectedly. . . on the top of a mountain; however Robert Frohlich has. (19 minutes)

3, 2, 1, You’re It!  Robert Frohlich tells the story of his bad road trip while volunteering to bring trucks to impoverished communities in Appalacia.  (11 minutes)




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