Our American Stories, Part 3

Our American Stories is a refreshing alternative to the media’s daily dose of negativity.

We’re to think on things that are true, honorable, commendable, and worthy of praise. Our American Stories has a whole smorgasbord of them archived on their website, and a feast of new stories being aired on radio stations every week.

If God is part of those stories, He is included. Some stories are serious, some are redemption stories, some are just plain fun, like the master chef who told about when he lost a turkey.

Some I didn’t expect to be interested in, but so many times it’s the back story that’s precious and compelling, like Bill Withers and his song “Grandma’s Hands.”

I’ve enjoyed being able to share some of my tales through Our American Stories. Someone told me they like listening to my “grandmotherly voice.”

Why the American Flag Means So Much to My Family is an 8-minute listen.

I like what young producer Montie Montgomery did with the background to this 8-minute story about our Old Upright Piano:

Hmm, I don’t remember okaying boots in the house!



  1. I listened to your story. It brought tears to my eyes at the end. I can only imagine how Leora and Clabe felt if it makes me cry and I’m not even related. This is so touching and I love your voice!

  2. The American flag story was very touching, particularly to hear it in your voice. I really enjoyed the piano story. I took lessons with the red John Thompson books, too! Then my piano teacher forced me to complete music theory worksheets, and I quit my lessons.

    • Bless you, Luanne! They just reran a story this afternoon of Stephen Ambrose talking about how long it took to get the Lewis and Clarke diaries published. Fascinating history.

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