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Our American Stories asked for this one a long time ago, but it took me a while to get it recorded. It was picked up by new producer, Matt “Montie” Montgomery, who asked me to do three more!

Each of these is 8 minutes long.

An Iowa Waitress Became an Officer’s Wife in Texas

I can’t figure out why people like listening to my gravely voice, but a neighbor gal says that “it’s grandmotherly.” So why is that a surprise?

The Joys of an Ordinary Tree

1993. Our house is the red brick.
Tire swing mentioned in the story.

The Iowa Freedom Rocks

Here’s the Dallas County Freedom Rock.

Taken by David Furneaux at the dedication at Minburn, October 19, 2019. I’m at the far left.


  1. When books are written about the great wars, the generals, the heroes. what is left out are the stories about the ordinary people whose lives were turned upside down as loved ones served and died. Those are the real heroes. Thank you Joy for making these stories live on. The true heart of this country lies not in Washington, DC, but lives rather in places like Dexter, Iowa.

  2. I loved listening to your sweet voice telling the story of your maple tree. Your writing is so succinct yet deeply emotive and descriptive. I can see why they like having you do these stories!

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