Danny Wilson: Medals Posthumously Awarded

A month after Clabe Wilson got the devastating news about their son Danny, he received more official mail:

The Secretary of War, Washington, 4 February 1946

My dear Mr. Wilson:

At the request of the President, I write to inform you that the Purple Heart has been awarded posthumously to your son, Second Lieutenant Daniel S. Wilson, Air Corps, who sacrificed his life in defense of his country.

Little that we can do or say will console you for the death of your loved one. We profoundly appreciate the greatness of your loss, for in a very real sense the loss suffered by any of us in the battle for our country, is a loss shared by all of us. When the medal, which you will shortly receive, reaches you, I want you to know that with it goes my sincerest sympathy, and the hope that time and the victory of our cause will finally lighten the burden of your grief.

[Signed Robert P. Patterson]


War Department, The Adjutant General’s Office,
Washington, 25 D.C.

4 February 1946

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Records on file in the office indicate that, prior to his death, the following decorations were awarded to your son, Second Lieutenant Daniel S. Wilson, Air Corps:

Air Medal

One Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal

If any of these awards were not received by you with his personal effects, they may be obtained by notifying me regarding those missing.

[Signed: Edward F. Witsell, Major General, The Adjutant General]



 Leora’s Letters: The Story of Love and Loss for an Iowa Family During World War II is available from Amazon in paperback and ebook, also as an audiobook, narrated by Paul Berge.

It’s also the story behind the Wilson brothers featured on the Dallas County Freedom Rock at Minburn, Iowa. All five served. Only two came home.


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