National Defense Student Loan

What did it cost to attend the State College of Iowa back in the 1960s? As I remember, it was about $1000, including room and board.

I was the first in my family to get to go to college. My first year was paid for, thanks to a small scholarship and my grandmother, who cashed in some bonds and split the money among her four surviving children.

Grandma Leora lost three sons during World War II. I wonder if that treasure was what she had received from their military life insurance policies.

I began working in the SCI library, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the summer after my freshman year, to guarantee a job that fall. Before the semester began, the new Donald O. Rod Library opened. I had never been in such an awesome library, but my earnings there plus the scholarship weren’t going to keep me in school.

SCIlibrary (2)

The student aid office helped me with a National Defense Student Aid Loan and two more part-time jobs, both in that wonderful library–working for Dr. Rod’s secretary, and in acquisitions. I still had to carry full-time hours in order to keep the scholarship.

Working summers at the library, sharing basement room with a friend, I was able to pay for the other three years of college.

How much was that loan? Just $710, but my only full year of teaching was while Guy was in Vietnam–salary $6500. That loan sure seemed like a huge burden back then!

Guy’s father had died the month before, so he was back from Vietnam, helping his mother on the farm at Glidden. I finished paying off my student loan May 9, 1970, four years after college graduation.

By then, State College of Iowa had become the University of Northern Iowa.

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Thankful to have that debt taken care of!



  1. Gosh, in those days you could pay for tuition with a good summer job. A buddy of mine spent his summers pulling seismic cable out along the Montana – North Dakota border and made such good cash that he lived like a king, though a frugal one.

    • I wouldn’t have been very good at the cable-pulling job, but I’d never even been in a sizable library before so enjoyed three wonderful years there, including summers! I had to ask a friend if I had the cost right. Yes, about $1000 for tuition plus room and board!

    • Yes, a real relief, but good timing. Guy was discharged from the Air Force at the end of the month, and I didn’t sign another contract because I didn’t know where we’d end up.

  2. I had to get a loan my senior year, because Dad did not live up to his divorce decree. It was about $1500. I worked all through college, too, for my living expenses. When I read about the sort of loan figures students today have upon graduating, it’s a shock! Really? I think. Can that be right?

    • I just realized that even my grandparents came to my graduation–I was the first on Dad’s side to get a degree, and the first girl cousin on Mom’s (Richard is older).

  3. Boy, you sure bring back some memories! I graduated with my undergraduate degree in 3 years. Because I was an English major, I found that I needed a loan for books for $100. I was turned-down because I was not a minority. Did I protest? No, I just got a second part-time job to make-up the difference. Those were the days!

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