Oldest Daughter

baby (1)
Joy – Doris – Leora – Laura – all oldest daughters

I’m the oldest daughter. . .

I’m older than Gloria Neal.

. . . of the oldest daughter. . . 

Doris Wilson, seated, is older than Darlene, who is standing beside her.

. . . of the oldest daughter. . . 

audubon (1)
Leora Goff is fourth from the left in the back, their firstborn. Her sister Georgia is second from left in the back. Ruby, 10 years younger than Leora, is seated at the left. Taken July 4, 1907, Audubon, Iowa.

. . . of the oldest daughter. 

Jordans (1)
Because of the deaths of three children after her, Laura Jordan (standing, hand on her dad’s shoulder) was much older than her sisters. Floy is standing in the back at the left, with Lottie between (her hand is on a little brother). Their youngest sister, Cora, is leaning against their father.




    • Intergenerational! Each of these women lived long enough to have a relationship with their maternal grandmother, and I even knew my great grandmother. Sure wish I’d asked her questions when I could have!

    • Each daughter also knew her grandmother. Even my great grandmother lived until my freshman year in college. I didn’t think about any of this being remarkable.

  1. A amazing photo’s! Gorgeously amazing photos! The clothing in the two ‘family’ portraits really spark my interest. Those dresses in the last picture, looks like velvet accents on them. Detailing amazing.

  2. Yes. It does feel weird to now be “the” generation with all of that generation gone. It is a heavy responsibility, but you carry it beautifully, cousin Joy!

  3. I like how you put this all together. Wonderful photos. And you were lucky to have you great-grandmother around for such a significant part of your life. Really unusual, I’d guess.

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