The Christian in a Time of Crisis–Guest Post by William R. Ablan

Definition of a First Responder – The person who runs into the bad situation while everyone else is running away from it.

I don’t often pull out the old soap box and get on it, but I’ve been thinking of our jobs as Christians in the face of Covid-19. Is it our job to try to save ourselves, or to be out there showing the love of God.

The Bible tells me in Luke 17:33 (NLT) that: If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it.

To me, that means two things. If we put this earthly life over the life God meant for us to live, are we really living. Will there be a hereafter. And which is more important, the here and now or the promise of what’s to come?

As Christians, we have been afforded a unique opportunity. We have been given the chance to find out who we really are in Christ. Now, I’m not saying to disregard common sense advice from the government and the likes (even if you are Iron Man, you don’t go tap dancing in a minefield), but to use caution.

Check with your local church or food bank or relief organization. Are there at risk people for instance who need groceries. You can make arrangement for delivery. Pick up the groceries, you don’t even need to go inside, they’ll load it for you. Drive them to the the person’s house, and leave them on the doorstep. You might want to ring the doorbell and let them know they’re there.

You’ve still maintained social distancing but performed a service for Christ.

And last time I checked, Covid-19 isn’t transmitted over the phone lines or the internet. We can still reach out and encourage people. A lot of people are afraid of getting ill, and rightfully so. You can still reach out and talk to people (technology is wonderful thing if properly used). Encourage one another.

Last but not least, don’t give into fear. It’s fear that has stripped our supermarket shelves. It’s fear that has taken good men and women and turned them in hoarders. (I predict a lot of beans served at community gatherings once this is all over). Some people are actually afraid to leave their homes. As far as they’re concerned, the air is laced with Covid.

From where I sit, fear is not a good place to live from.

I was talking with a man who told me he’s been looking at the sky, and for the last several days felt like he was missing something. It finally occurred to him. Because of the topology of the front range, we almost always have this cloud of pollution hanging over us. It was gone. The stay at home order had meant cars weren’t moving much and the stain they leave on the sky had washed away.

Another tells me he woke up to find himself living in a house full of strangers with which he shared some history and a last name. They aren’t strangers anymore. He even likes them.

As I said, we have a unique opportunity here. An opportunity to reforge those bonds with our family. An opportunity to show God’s love to our community in the face of daunting odds. An opportunity to discover the incredible things that makes life so rich.

We are the First Responders. Pray for your friends, and families. Pray for your community and nations. Pray your leaders are given wisdom at all times.

And be of of service where you can.

So be encouraged. We live in interesting times. Now it’s your choice, do you want them to make you or break you?


    • Rich is the real deal, I’ve learned. God’s fingerprints are on so much of his writing, even about other topics, finding redemption even in the squalid corners of life.

  1. Thanks for sharing this wise advice Joy. I have sent you an email in reply to your request to use one my posts. Hope you receive it!

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