Dale Wilson: The Broken Shoestring

Dexter had a great boys’ basketball team in 1939. That heartened the whole town, which was still in the grips of the Great Depression. It certainly boosted the Wilson family as Dale was on the first team.
When your leather shoestring broke in those days, you tied it back together. One of Dale’s broke during a game. Dexter took a time-out so he could take care of it, but it’d become so short, there was nothing left to make another knot. Someone on the opposing team found a shoestring for him.
The County Championship tournament was held at Perry, at the opposite side of Dallas County. A blizzard set in as Dexter played during the last game. Dale’s family at home worried the players might try to make it home in the storm. Someone sent word that they were staying overnight at the schoolhouse.
And that the Dexter boys had won the tournament.
Dallas County News, Feb. 15, 1939–”Dexter Boys Team and DeSoto Girls Are County Champs–Dexter’s brilliant boys’ team eked out a 21-20 victory over a strong Minburn team in the closing minutes of the championship game. It was a thrilling and exciting game all the way, and the packed house that saw it certainly got their money’s worth. A crowd estimated to be over 1000 people saw the final games.” 
Another clipping referred to Dale as “a real defense man.”

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