Understanding Suicide – a Remarkable Guest Post by Michael Walrod

Writer Mark Buchanan talks about “the crucible of shared emotion,” in his book, Things Unseen.

Mike Wombat Walrod, a Facebook friend, lives with it every day, even more so when he officiates at a celebration of life service for someone who’s taken his own life.

This quote from Mother Teresa was part of his Facebook post, January 19, 2020:


by Reverend Michael “Wombat” Walrod

Good morning my brothers and sisters.

After officiating at a Celebration of Life yesterday for a young man who took his life thought this to be very befitting. Was a very sad and emotional day for many. Did have some humorous moments and hope that some how those in attendance found some comfort, peace, and somewhat of an understanding.

To stand there and hug a father whose pain you know and understand, to hug a sobbing mother who found comfort knowing you have been through what she is going through, to hugging and talking with a 13 year old boy who is hurting, confused, and feeling guilt over his dad’s death, to having a 4 year daughter of the deceased giving you a hug because she knows you need one, to hugging his friend after he eulogized his dead friend, to hugging people you don’t know but are in pain and they need comfort, to meeting a brother and son who has the best behaved children and great wife to support him, to talking with a man who found his son before it was too late.

Yesterday, on the way over to Adel for service a lot of memories from 17 years and 4 months ago started flooding back. The time when my family went through this with Clint. I prayed for strength, for Clint to stand beside me and he did, for understanding. And suddenly something hit me that l think l have actually known all this time but just have never grasped it.

I finally realized in understanding suicide, one must get to the point of understanding there is no understanding it. And when you do you will find some peace. I found that yesterday.

As l looked out my window after this hit me I watched a bald eagle fly over and stop and hover as l passed. The Spirit was speaking. Always remember, it gets better no matter what.

Hope all can find some peace and happiness today. Stay warm and GO CHIEFS. Peace and enjoy life.

Oh yeah also at service l screwed up when l was talking about how a child’s death is harder on the mother. How their bond starts before birth, how she carried him for 9 months, fed him, and then l said she nurtured him but l slipped up and said neutered him. One lady corrected me right away. A lot of laughter filled the room after that one.

RIP Cade Long!


Mike Walrod has a heart of gold. Since his ordination four years ago, he’s held close to sixty celebrations of life services. Working through many losses in his own life has given him such empathy for grieving families.

Last month Mike shared his childhood story, “Saved by Nativity Scene.”


    • Mike lost his only son 17 years ago, and yet he encourages his tribe about every morning, which includes me. He always starts “Good morning my brothers and sisters,” and ends with “Peace.” I made the meme for the post today and Mike said it made his day!

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