“Meadowlark” by Nicholas Dowd

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Note from Nick: “It was so heartening to see and to think that others will see how that piece penned so long ago became such a perfect fit for Leora’s Letters.”

He lived on 34th Street in Des Moines at the time he wrote “that scrap of poetry,” having rented a house with three of his Drake University friends:

Jim Vandevanter of Panora – retired owner of Dowd Drug in Guthrie Center (which was begun by Nick’s grandfather).

Warren Grant of Dexter – whose mother Winifred worked at Drake (whose family went to church in Dexter with Joy’s family). Warren died of cancer a couple of years ago, but had taken over Al Bell‘s school popular school assemblies programs.

Charlie Skeens of Chicago – who “adopted” Iowa and is now deceased.


Dowcopyr (2)


Photo of Nick, 2009.

“Meadowlark” was written in the late ’60s but its time hadn’t come until Joy and I began to correspond. It was as if it was preserved for a reason through many moves. Des Moines. Nashville. Chicago. Mystic [Connecticut], then back to Nashville.


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