Freedom Rock Collision

About 6:00 a.m. before I was to do my very first radio interview that morning, a friend alerted me to a notice that two hours earlier the new Dallas County Freedom Rock and been run into so hard that it was toppled!

Photo: Jim Caufield, The Perry News.

Yes, the Freedom Rock that the five Wilson brothers are featured on.

The head of the Freedom Rock committee was out of state last December 7, but the Dallas County Sheriff gave him a call at 5:00 that morning to let him know. Larry was understandably also worried about the surroundings he’d so carefully shepherded most of last year–the flag pole, sidewalks, storyboard, etc. But he announced that the Wilson brothers were unharmed!

I was concerned about the iconic rock with my uncles painted on it, but even more concerned about the person who walloped it. Turns out the young man from Perry was okay.

There were soon plans to restore the Freedom Rock.

Steve Lewellan was also called early by the sheriff. Thanks to him, the memorial was covered by a tarp util it could be set upright. Flag at half staff. Photo by Jim Caufield, The Perry News.

A crane has since uprighted the scuffed up boulder. It needs touching up, at least, maybe more.


Here’s the latest about the young man arrested for OWI which caused the incident.

Stay tuned.

The only good things about this is that it keeps the Wilson family of Dallas County in the news. Their sacrifice during World War II is not forgotten.

FrRockJuly25(3 (3)
Donald, Delbert, Dale, Danny, and Junior Wilson. Borne by an American Bald Eagle, sheltered by the American flag.




  1. You could say, given that photo, that he’s lucky to be alive, but when you think about the road he has in front of him it’s hard to say.

  2. I had to look up OWI — I read it as ‘owl’ at first. It’s the first time I’ve come across that abbreviation, and I confess it made me laugh when I realized it could also be read as “owie.”

    I’m glad the young man wasn’t more seriously injured — or worse — and that the experience does lead to a change in behavior. I’m glad the rock wasn’t more seriously damaged, as well. I hope any needed repairs won’t be extensive.

    • It’s right along the highway and he missed a curve and plowed right into it. Yes, alive and not crippled, unless he’s already into alcohol issues. Age 21.

    • Beginning with my mother’s family losing the three youngest brothers during the war. No one remembered until recently. Even the crash into the rock keeps their memories alive!

  3. Oh my… I had not heard about that… Have not seen it…probably never
    will find myself in Minburn… I have seen several other couties rocks howeveer.

    • This one features Mom’s five brothers. All five served, only two came home. My book, “Leora’s Letters,” is the story about the family during the war, when they farmed near Minburn. I had a book-signing at Washington Township School near there this morning. Danny and Junior were graduates–1941 and 1942.

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