December Newsletter 2019

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Cousin Jacque Johnson owns Adel Quilting and Dry Goods. She’s hosted book signings several times for her brother, Bill Beaman. I’ll be borrowing his author chair there Friday evening.

Jacque is already set up to take book orders (she’ll have autographed copies) and ship them out! “Joy, we head to the post office several times a week,” she assured me.

(Alas, no overseas orders as there’s no media mail and the cost is steep.)




    • And it would have defined the last years of Mom and her sister. As much as they looked forward to it, I’m glad they weren’t able to hold a copy in their hands with all those bittersweet photos and memories. I hope they’re looking down from heaven, with their five brothers and parents, thankful that their terrible losses here hasn’t been forgotten here on earth!

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