Dexter (Iowa) Banks

One of the first private Dexter bankers on record was Conger, Pierce and Co., owned by E. H. Conger, G. G. Pierce, and W. B. Conger. 1877. Also in 1877, Charles A. Stevens loaned money.

The Bank of Dexter was established in 1875, organized as a state bank in 1894, but closed in 1924.

The Dexter Savings Bank organized in 1901, and sold in 1911. The First National Bank of Dexter formed, chartered by the office of the administrator of National Banks, placed in voluntary liquidation in 1920.

Bank1919 (2)

The Iowa State Bank of Dexter organized in 1920, but closed in 1934. That year the Valley Savings Bank of Des Moines was allowed to operate an office in Dexter until 1942, when it was sold to the Dallas County State Bank of Adel.

Russell Horn served as manager of the Dexter office from 1945 until 1967.

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The Model A Club visited Dexter in June 2019. These beautiful vintage cars are in front of what used to be Dexter’s bank. Photo by Mary McColloch.

Someone has bought this beautiful old building, but don’t know what it might be turned into.

History of Dexter, Iowa–1968 Centennial book, page 29.


    • They talked about a restaurant, but the Rusty Duck is right across the street–only open evenings. There’s a little cafe in those 2 blocks, too, open for breakfast and lunch. It’s a charming spot. They’re about 12 miles from Cousin Jacque’s quilt shop in Adel. Quilters’ tour???

    • It’s almost directly across the street from the famous Dexter Museum. Dad’s cousin, Betty Orht Lee, worked there. She was the source of lots of Orht history from the Old Country (Pellworm Island, off the coast of Germany). German when they came here, but an area of Denmark when the older generation was born. So are we German or Danish on Dad’s side???

  1. The beauty of the of old building immediately caught my eye. Whatever it becomes, I hope as much of the original can be preserved as possible. I got a kick out the advertisement promising freedom from the irksome task of keeping track of one’s expenses by opening a checking account and letting the bank do one bookkeeping. It omitted the part about the irksome task of reconciling one’s bank statement.

  2. I never saw that history of the banks before… but I have small coin bank, #174
    from the First National Bank. !! I worked in the Dallas County State Bank
    for 8 years to the day..started June 1,1950 and last day of May 1958….

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