Just for fun: Admiration of the Goatee

I live with a husband with a smart white goatee, but didn’t realize that I evidently am an admirer of them in general.

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Recently I noticed that an acquaintance, whom we hadn’t seen in awhile looked ten years younger and ten pounds lighter. I wondered whether he’d been on a diet, then realized he’d sculpted his full beard into a noble goatee. What an amazing difference.

Later I watched a trailer for a new movie called “Overcomer.” I recognized the actor who plays the coach in the movie. He’s the same one who played a cop in the film “Courageous.” But what a difference! In “Courageous,” he looks okay, but in the new movie he seems handsome. What changed?


Well, in “Overcomer” Alex Kendrick has a goatee.

Now that I’m paying attention, I realize that many of my favorite faces are also enhanced by good-looking goatees.


      • I think goattee’s might be out of style for guys my age but beards are definitely in! I used to be really self conscious about it when I was fatter. lol. You’re right facial hair does make you look thinner.

  1. You other love them or hate them: most of the dear men in my life sport facial hair in one form or another and I am so used to it that I doubt I would appreciate their looks without it.

    • My husband wore just a mustache until our son was born (nearly 45 years ago). When he shaved it off, everyone (including me) begged him to grow it back! He did, but then went on to include long sideburns. ha

      • That happened to my husband. The kids and I bullied him into shaving off his mounts he years ago. Then we laughed hysterically. Poor guy. No wonder he won’t change anything now.

  2. I’ve been wearing a goatee for the last 20 years or so. I used to wear a full beard, and decided to try growing it back recently. I was looked a little like Santa Claus. I should have, but hadn’t expected it to be almost pure white. So that last about two weeks.

    At least no kids came up to me and started giving me their Christmas List.

  3. I agree w your bias but thing it’s largely because Guy’s a handsome dude w his. Also agree that “older guys” with full beard run risk of looking like old coots. LOL

  4. I enjoyed the unexpected discussion of facial hair! For a few years, my nephew sported a very bushy red beard, which was rather frightening to see. He’s trimmed it back some since then. Somehow, I can’t picture him in a red goatee.

  5. Lol! I will have to pay attention! Beards in general are in style! My husband doesn’t like them, preferring his old style mustache!

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