Dexter (Iowa) Post Office

The Dexter post office was established in 1868, with D. B. Hunter as its first Postmaster. In 1879 it was located in a wooden frame building in the middle of the east side of Marshall Street. A brick building was erected there in 1909, one of the finest equipped post office buildings in this part of the state.

Rural Free Delivery was established in 1900, with Civil War veteran J. Q. A. Reynolds as the first carrier. In 1968, the rural route covered 1400 miles, requiring two carriers.

I remember two of our “mailmen”–Dad’s uncle Bill Blohm, and Jim McMenamin (who became the postmaster). Both carriers used to look forward to Mom’s gift of her famous waxed-paper wrapped caramels at Christmas time.

Cookbook of the Family of God, Dexter First United Presbyterian Women, Dexter, Iowa, 1980, page 114
Jim McMenamin, Postmaster in 1950, with barber Wayne Glazebrook.

The present post office building was remodeled and equipped with modern equipment in 1961.

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Frank Keenan was Postmaster from 1978-1984.

Names of other postmasters: George C. Crane, Frank C. Downey, William W. Andrew, Mrs. Mabel Crane, Ray M. Lenocker, James E. McMenamin, Maurice M. Neal (Dad’s uncle).

1935 (4)
M.M. Neal, son of O.S. Neal

History of Dexter, Iowa–1968 Centennial book, page 31.

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