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I’ve checked out several social media sites, but really enjoy Facebook the most. When Dzenaela was a teenager, I knew her immigrant parents were too busy to keep an eye on things. Teens were using Facebook for bullying and posting crude photos, so I joined to watch. Okay, lurk.

But I discovered a handy way to get rid of guilt about ending up with over 100 years of old family pictures–cousin Facebook pages. I shared them all, and people can save them to their own computers and have copies made.

Then some of those old photos needed sharing in the counties where my grandparents grew up. Soon I was the Admin for Iowa’s Audubon, Dallas, and Guthrie Counties.

It’s been delightful to get feedback from others, and to have them share what treasures their families have saved through the generations, along with their stories.

Yes, I get some feedback here on WordPress, but my most fun interaction comes after I’ve copied and pasted the URL on Facebook pages with similar content, such as the Forgotten Iowa FB page or various WWII sites. Both Thursday’s RAGBRAI and Bonnie and Clyde post, and Friday’s about the siblings who died of hog cholera, got over 130 responses and at least 14 people even shared the stories!

Write That Book

I’m also part of an online group called Write That Book. Every week there are “office hours” with published authors, agents, interviews, and worksheets. We students are encouraged to try out different social media to see were we’d most enjoy connecting with people interested in what we write.

Helpful book: Social Media Just for Writers

Instagram is delightfully visual, but I haven’t figured out yet how people connect there. And I’m puzzled that that’s where I get the most lurkers who only want to say hi. hmmm

I’m warming up to Twitter, but couldn’t decide why I’d want to try Pinterest. I don’t collect recipes or decor or fashions. But one of the experts on WTB said that she linked each of her blog posts as a pin on her Pinterest boards.

Board? Pin?

Here on my website, I sort stories by category–Depression Era, Growing Up on a Farm, WWII, etc. Here’s how the Books & Authors category looks here on WordPress.

I made each category into a “board” on Pinterest. Wow! It was easier to break down those categories, so blog posts could be “pinned” on more than one board.

Here’s how Books & Authors looks on Pinterest.

How about Dexter (Iowa) History?


Bottom line: I  get a lot more interaction and feedback with people interested in what I write on Facebook than anywhere else on the internet.

And I’m having fun.


  1. I know I use social media platforms differently. I think most people are on Facebook for the interaction, and it is where you will find everyone from all generations. It’s easier to build communities of common interest (like those great county history pages you admin) and share information. There is also a lot of junk you have to swim through – commercially and, let’s be honest, we all have some friends who share a TON of unoriginal material. That’s my biggest turn-off with Facebook, and why I like and use Instragram too. Instagram is great because it has more original material, but it is less interactive and there is less conversation. It just seems less noisy to me – and that is a nice change. The posts that I’m most interactive with on Instagram are those that prompt me to answer a question (something to consider). Pinterest – I’m just looking for inspiration and tips on projects, creative ideas and food!

    • I should have added that I’m an expert with the “Unfollow” button! We’re still friends, but I don’t put up with politics and all that “shared” stuff. What’s with the lurker-guys on Instagram??? This morning, one wanted my picture! If he’s looked at my photos, he can see my age and that I’m married and that I’m not friendly to lurkers! ha Someone said you can use Instagram for stories, so I want to look into that.

      • I’m really good at “snoozing” people on Facebook (it’s a temporary “unfollow” for 30 days), but I just end up snoozing the same people over and over for the same reasons you mentioned. I should unfollow them completely, but I keep hoping for the best. The creepers haven’t found me on Instragram yet!

    • Hubs has his own Facebook page–our 50th year HS class reunions were set up through FB. I didn’t want his messages, and he didn’t want mine. And I follow such esoteric pages–military groups (even overseas), old warbirds and ships. The one thing I’m not crazy about is Facebook’s author page. It’s nearly as hard to navigate as my old Weebly website–had it two years before taking a night class on WordPress, which I really enjoy.

  2. I can understand an author getting on FB, but simply for a social site, I just do not trust them. They have had too many security breaches (and they think a simply apology takes care of that.), and they censor at will, with no control over harmful accounts.
    I have never had an account with them and I see no reason to start now. I’m happy if they have worked out for you.

  3. Yes Facebook is the wave. We don’t participate with it or the other “hot” social media sites for a number of reasons. We are liking the WordPress family and glad you’re still using it.

  4. I’m glad you are having fun doing all your stories on Facebook. I am enjoying reading every one. Plus it is a good way for me to see what you are doing any day of the week..
    May FB continue to be ‘your ticket out of the house’.

  5. I’m glad you’ve found the good side of social media. For a while I linked my blog posts on Facebook, but I just can’t get excited about any of those platforms. Too much nonsense, too many violations of privacy, etc. I know my writing is not likely to make it to mainstream, but it’s okay with me.

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