RAGBRAI through Dexter, Bonnie & Clyde Arrested

Every July thousands of bicycle riders pedal across the state of Iowa, starting at the Missouri River, ending a week later with dipping a wheel in the Mississippi.

RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) has been going on since started by a couple of Des Moines Register reporters in 1973.  It’s the longest, largest, and oldest bicycle touring event in the world.

Riders snaked through the tiny town of Dexter, Iowa, last Monday–during the same week the the Barrow Gang hid out in Dexfield Park in 1933, visiting Dexter for food and medicines.

Ragbrai8 (2)
Thanks to Les and Barb Nation for the ambiance of their 1930 Model A Ford, which is FOR SALE. Dexter Museum in background.

Bonnie and Clyde greeted bikers and visitors on main street, but were a little too blatant about their presence–Bonnie with her cigar, Clyde wearing a fedora. The were soon arrested and handcuffed by the Dallas County Sheriff.

Josie Bittner, who will be a Sophomore at West Central Valley this fall, played a spirited Bonnie Parker, and Braiden Beane, who will be a freshman at WCV, was terrific as Clyde Barrow.

The Dexter Museum, as well as other Dexter places of interest, were open and enjoyed having visitors–from 26 different states, as well as from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

This fella played his banjo in the museum. One man on the ride had brought his tuba!

Each night the bikers are entertained in a different host town, where they stay overnight. They make the Iowa print and TV news all week long.

Here’s the best fun 5 1/2 minute video about the Iowa niceness of RAGBRAI. Even our cops get in on the fun.


The Dexter Museum Board members with Bonnie and Clyde.

Ragbrai1 (2)
Patricia Hostetler, Gloria Neal, Doris Feller, B & C, Tina Stanley, Rod Stanley (who loves telling the stories of Bonnie and Clyde), with the Dexter Museum in the background.

Photos courtesy of Doris Feller.


    • We drove out to see the new Dallas County Freedom Rock today (my mother’s five brothers are featured on it), and even mentioned that Iowa looks luscious in July!

  1. When I taught at Dexter from 1972-1976, my students made a slide show of the shootout between law enforcement and the Barrow gang north of town.

  2. What a day it must have been for the Museum…probably never have that much traffic again!
    Robert Weesner would have been Proud!!

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