Benign Esoteric Confessions

Just for fun. . . .

My 5 a.m. cup of coffee is “bulletproof.”  With grass-fed butter whisked in.

coffee (2)


I like doing laundry. Especially folding it.

I’ve been to Bosnia, France, Belgium, England (twice), and Scotland, but haven’t gotten to Mexico.


We’ve never made car payments. That’s why we drove cars until they were half covered with Rust-oleum and the bumper needed wired on.

My first job was detasseling corn.

My freshman year of college I took a semester of pipe organ.

I’ve lived in only three states: Iowa, Idaho, and Colorado. (Unless you count Texas and Arizona when Dad was in the Army Air Corps during WWII.)

I don’t watch television.

We still have our Mac Plus.

Three favorite movies: “Hunt For Red October,”  “Master and Commander,” and “Cinderella Man.”   Hmm, common denominator for a couple of them.

I’ve ridden the Zephyr to California, a 747 to London, but I’ve never ridden a horse.

I’ve crawled through a B-17 and ridden in a B-25. Still on my “bucket list”–watch a B-29 take off and land. Same for a P-38.


I’d like this to swirl around me on my way to Heaven: Mannheim Steamroller “Fresh Aire V,” end of Track 6–Earthrise/Return

Mannheim (2)


  1. Quite an autobiography, Joy! You and I have led different lives, but I did crawl through a B-25 and fly in a B-17, we’re on the same train of thought

    • I actually crawled through a B-25! I forgot about that. Son Dan (reluctantly as a young teen) went with me to the Ankeny airport to see a B-25. It was too tall to pull out of the hangar, so we ended up part of the ballast in the back to lower the plane enough! I also lost a young uncle in a P-40, but for some reason it’s never lit a spark in me.

  2. Coffee with some butter in it! Sounds interesting. May have to try it. Seen a B-29 take off and land at an airshow in Tulsa over 30 years ago (pretty cool, it was escorted by a P-47, an F4U Corsair, and a HellCat), pretty cool. Just got to crawl through the B-17, 24 and 25 the Collings Foundation brings around once a year, and I’m hoping to ride the 17 next year.

    • (Bulletproof coffee is to protect your brain.) Dad only piloted the 17 (including Hell’s Angels, returned from combat) until enough 29s had been built. I could be talked into a ride in a 17. Love those engine growls, sleekness in flight, and ruggedness in combat. (May have to hold out for Fifi or Doc–enjoyed watching Doc’s website as they brought her to life again.)

  3. My goodness, interesting bucket list you have. I am glad you are still adding to the list..

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