The Lawman: The Cross and The Badge

Book Description

Detective Will Diaz is picking up the pieces of his life. Freshly back from the Gulf War, he carries mental scars of not only war, but of fifteen years of service as a police officer.

Armed with his newfound Christian faith, he struggles to find forgiveness for past errors and sins, while dealing with the challenges of the present.

What he doesn’t know yet, his first year back in civilian law enforcement is merely the curtain going up on what will be a battle not only for his life and soul, but those closest and dearest to him.

The Author

AblanWilliam (3)

William R. Ablan is a twenty year veteran of several police and sheriff’s offices. He served with the 1st Armored Division during the Gulf War as a Military Policeman. He’s worked extensively with various emergency response agencies and is a veteran of numerous emergencies and disasters. Today he work in the Information Technology field, teaches, and lives in Greeley, Colorado, with his wife and family.

My Thoughts

I was caught up in the authenticity and heart of this compelling story right away. Will Diaz, a lawman, back from serving in the Gulf War and with a new faith in Christ, deals with the uptick of criminal activity in smaller Colorado towns without funding needed for upgraded equipment. The characters are empathetic and genuine, especially Will Diaz, his family and closest friends.

Faith and friendship weave through the nitty-gritty of police work–including the care used to gather and preserve evidence, thought processes when making an arrest, even he question of where is God in the mayhem of law enforcement.

This is the most fascinating book I’ve read this year, on many levels.  I’m heartened to learn that this is the first book in a Lawman series. His website is also interesting.

Caveat: The Lawman: The Cross and the Badge contains some graphic policework.


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