Vietnam Veterans Day–March 29

Do you know a Vietnam veteran? This is their recognition day.

Those who served in the Vietnam war were often treated with contempt. When Guy Kidney got home from Vietnam, he changed out of his uniform as soon as he could.

How amazing that since 2012, there’s even a National Vietnam Veterans Day to recognize those who served.

Guy was sent to Air Traffic Control school at Biloxi, Missippi, then we spent two years in Mountain Home, Idaho, before he got orders for Vietnam.

1967MtnHome (2)
Guy, an air traffic controller, in the TRACON at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho–1969.


SSgt. Guy Kidney – 1970 – Nha Trang, Vietnam

VNhaTrang1970 (2)

AFmedals (2)

Thank you for serving, to my own Vietnam Veteran!



  1. My father, uncle and husband are/were Vietnam vets. I never heard any stories about them getting grief upon returning to the states. My father did two tours there, but he was an officer, not in combat. My uncle was a radio operator who sadly died in a car crash not long after returning stateside. My husband served as a clerk, then came home and went back to college on the GI bill. I never heard that there was a special veteran’s day for the Vietnam conflict. Thanks for pointing it out.

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