Darlene Wilson Scar: ISU Plaza of Heroines

Darlene Evelyn (Wilson) Scar and her twin brother Dale were born on May 13, 1921 near Stuart, Iowa. She grew up in rural and small town Iowa. Dexter was where she her sister and brothers attended high school. Darlene was a class leader and a successful student, participating in music and team sports.

dargrad (2)
1939 Dexter graduate

Darlene married Alvin Carl Scar of nearby Earlham, Iowa, on March 23, 1941. They lived and farmed in Penn Township, Madison County.

darlene (2)

Darlene’s mother had lost infant twins and another baby had died years before but the coming war years would bring the greatest of losses. Five of Darlene’s brothers served in World War II. Two, still living today (1994), were sailors in the U.S. Navy, seeing months of combat. The other three brothers were all pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps.

brothers (2)

The first shocking news came in December 1943. Darlene’s twin brother Dale had been killed on a combat mission, age 22 1/2. Then in February 1945, the word arrived of brother Danny’s death during a combat mission. A third brother, Junior, was killed in August 1945, due to a mechanical failure during flight training. Suffering and depressed from the loss of three sons, Darlene’s father, Clabe, died in October 1946. Her mother Leora, however, lived an additional 41 years, passing away on her 97th birthday, December 4, 1987.

Darlene was a farmwife in Madison County, Iowa, for nearly 40 years, raising four sons, three of which graduated from Iowa State University. She was, and remains active at Zion Lutheran Church in Dexter, Iowa. She has also served countless volunteer hours for schools and organizations in the community. Her husband Alvin died in November 1991.

scar3 (2)
Darlene and Alvin “Sam” Scar

Darlene has an inspiring spirit. She makes the most of the good times and manages the tough times with courage and optimism. Darlene has certainly had her share of sorrow but has shown the strength and the character to live through it and continue on.

Darlene’s cheerful personality and positive outlook are a welcome influence on her family, friends, neighbors, and all who merely come in contact with her. Our mother’s name truly deserves to be included at the Plaza of Heroines.

1995plazaheroines (2)
Darlene and her sister Doris at Carrie Chapman Catt Hall and Plaza of Heroines dedication at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, October 6, 1995.

Darlene Wilson Scar’s brick is dedicated by her sons Richard, Robert, Dennis, and David.

scar2 (2)
Robert in back. Front: Dennis, David, Richard Scar


  1. I checked out the ISU Plaza of Heroines. Giving people a way to honor a loved one who has passed is a gift in itself. I enjoyed learning more about your Aunt Darlene, and I loved the picture of her four boys. They look like such bright-eyed fellows!

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