Darlene Scar’s China Painting

China painting may have been my Aunt Darlene Scar’s most enduring hobby. She took lessons from Dorothy Beck Stroh and Janet Myers, was part of a china painting group at Stuart for years, and owned her own kiln.

darlene2 (2)
Signed “D. Scar 1984”
Birdie egg in a nest, 1987. Plate 1984.

Many little brush strokes go into forming one blossom.

Julie Scar Repperger, Granddaughter

darjulie3 (2)

darjulie2 (2)

Painting roses.

Kathy Scar Brown, Granddaughter

darlenekathybaby (2)
Darlene must have done dozens of these little dears!

The boy version.

Chris Scar, Daughter-in-Law

darchris (2)
Chris said this was done with a special technique. Darlene was always trying new things. She won a purple ribbon at the Iowa State Fair for this plate-sized piece. Dan Love made the oak frame for it.
1998 (2)
Darlene painted this bluebird for her sister Doris’s birthday in 1998.




  1. Aunt Darlene sure did some beautiful things. When we went back to see her on her 90th birthday we bought several paintings. In fact, we also have a picture like Darlene made for Aunt Doris. When Kayla and I went back to visit, we went home with several other pieces.

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  2. She had a hand written list of all the baby shoes she made. I’m thinking in the 100s of those!! Over the last few meetings of all her grandkids we still go through some of the remainder of her paintings that were in storage and each find treasures to take home with us. Thank you for sharing this story!

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