Christmas Eve 1943, Marfa, Texas

December 1943, my folks were living in one room in the First Christian Church in Marfa, Texas, where he was an Army Air Force instructor.


Marfa (2)

Cessna AT-17, fondly called Bobcat Bombers, along the runway at Marfa.

They couldn’t cook at the church and didn’t have a car. They didn’t even have a table to write letters on–and they wrote plenty of them. (Doris had written to all five brothers on the 22nd and also her folks.)

So Christmas Eve Day Dad built a table, using an empty Drew’s Chocolate box (sent to them for Christmas from his Uncle M.M. Neal of Dexter) for a carpenter’s square.


The next day they walked to the Crews Hotel (not military, owned by a Mr. Crews) where they had Christmas dinner.



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