David Jordan (1842-1913)–Church of Jesus Called Sharon of Regular Predestinarian Baptists

Obituary from The Guthrian, February 1913

David Jordan was born in Noble county, Ohio, June 8th 1842, died Feb. 11, 1913, aged 70 yrs. 8 mos. And 3 days. Deceased was a son of Elijah and Mary Jordan, the mother dying in 1863. Deceased with his father, brothers and sisters moved from Ohio to Guthrie county [Iowa] in 1865 and hence were pioneers, and consequently well known to all the early settlers of his county especially in the vicinity of Monteith. His father departed this life in 1888.

In 1865 he came to Guthrie Co., where he engaged in the mercantile business, in which on account of his ability and honesty was very successful. In 1867 he moved to his farm one half mile west of Monteith where he made his home until 6 years ago. In 1868 he was married to Emilia A. Moore, daughter of Elder E. W. Moore, who in 1855 came from Park county, Indiana to the Beaver settlement of Beaver creek in what is now Valley township of this county and who was one of the first preachers in the county and who in those days was well known all over the county, and also all over the state where there was an old school house or Primitive Baptist church and in addition was extensively known in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and eastern Nebraska as he was one of the oldest and best loved ministers of the church in the west and his services were in great and constant demand.

Jor (2)
Wedding picture of David and Emelia (Moore) Jordan, married Jan. 5, 1868, Guthrie County, Iowa.

In March 1887 [age 45] he was babtised [sic] into the fellowship of the church of Jesus Called Sharon of Regular Predestinarian Baptists. Brother Jordan was liberated to preach wherever God in his providence cast his lot which he continued to do as long as his health permitted when ever opportunity opened the door preaching Christ and him crucified as the only way to the father, the perfect, complete and only Savior of sinners and that there is salvation in no other for there is no other name given under heaven or among men whereby we must be saved. Without courting the favor of men with entire indifference to both censure and applause of men, he preached the doctrine of christ in its simplicity and not in the letter but in the spirit. His generous hospitality endeared him to all his brethern [sic] and friends for brother Jordan’s house was open to them at all times.

Jordans (1)
David Jordan family, late 1889 or early 1890, Guthrie County, Iowa. From left: Floyd Roy Jordan, Emeila Ann (Moore) Jordan, Frederick David Jordan, Floy Temperance Jordan, Lottie Belle Jordan, Collis Moore Jordan, Laura Arminta Jordan, Cora Nell Jordan, David Jordan.

Memory of granddaughter Leora (Goff) Wilson: Grandpap Jordan, when he was able, had enjoyed the [Baptist Association] so much. Members came from far and near and there was a houseful at Grandmother’s–for three meals and to sleep all over the house. Some members stayed at other members’ homes. There was no refrigeration then so we had to get beef or meat from the meat wagon which came 2 or 3 times a week, and kill some chickens. I killed the chickens when the meat wagon didn’t come. We baked our own bread, made noodles or dumplings, and had garden vegetables. Oh, we were a busy folk, and some helped who were able. Yes, an outside toilet. We who did cooking meals had no time to attend meetings, we visited as we worked. . . . [at the Monteith house] meals were served in the basement. The meetings lasted a week. It was a joy for those who didn’t do the cooking or washing. . . .

Monteith (3)
1897–Home of David Jordan, 1/2 mile west of Monteith, Iowa. From left: David and Emilia (Moore) Jordan, Fred Goff, Laura (Jordan) Goff (with Georgia Goff in front), Floy (Jordan) Cowden (with Jennings Goff in front), Millie Crawley (a friend), Lottie (Jordan) Anderson, Cora Jordan (with Leora Goff in front), Herb Cowden (with Wayne Goff in front), M.S. “Sherd” Goff, Merl Goff.

His life was an open book to all who knew him and he was a living epistle known and read of all men, and we feel sure that he is not lost but gone and our loss is his eternal gain. He was known and loved by all the churches in Iowa and eastern Nebraska having visited probably all of them and preached Christ to them. He leaves to mourn his loss, two brothers, Francis of Monteith, Sidney G. of this county, five sisters, Eliza Reed and Mrs. G.B. Hook of Long Beach, California, Mrs. Lem Fowler of South Dakota, Mrs. C.A. McCoy of Washington, and Mrs. Caroline Rainey of Ohio. His wife, four daughters, Mrs. Anderson of Palisade [Colorado], Mrs. [M.S.] Goff, Mrs. F. F. Cowdon and Mrs. J. E. Parrish of Guthrie county, three sons, Frederic D. and Floyd R. of Monteith, and Collis of Palisade, Colorado. Besides these he leaves 21 grandchildren and a host of other relatives.

Jord (2)
Davy and Emilia Jordan

Granddaughter Leora (Goff) Wilson also remembered that so many came to her grandfather’s funeral that horses and buggies were lined up for a mile out on those rural roads.

The Jordan home 1/2 mile east of Monteith.
Great grandchildren visiting the old Jordan house. Their grandmother, Laura (Jordan) Goff, was born in a log cabin there before his house was built. Their parents, Clabe and Leora (Goff) Wilson began housekeeping there when they were married in 1914. Delbert Goff Wilson from California, Darlene (Wilson) Scar from Earlham, Doris (Wilson) Neal from Dexter, Donald Wilson from Washington State.

cemetery (3)

David and Emilia Jordan are buried at Monteith Cemetery.


  1. Even when I don’t comment, please know that I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your entries! Such great detail!

    • Thank you, Lynne. It’s Grandma Wilson’s fault! You know, she’d sure be enjoying what I’ve been doing with all her old photos and clipping and letters–and stuff. Gosh, I even have her red diaries! I think that David (or Davy, as people called him) and Emilia Jordan were such kind-looking people. I couldn’t lay my hands on the story about a man they invited to live with them until “his ship came in.” It never did and he quietly left in the middle of the night.

  2. Very interesting name for a church/sect (I love it cause it has Sharon in its name) The photo’s are truly amazing and with the history and stories – a true treasure! Sharon 🙂

    • Robert, I just asked on the Guthrie County History Facebook page about whether a building ever existed. Davy Jordan preached several places, and summer gatherings were held in their grove. My grandmother, Leora Wilson, helped along with other women cook for the crowd in the basement of their home just west of tiny Monteith, Iowa. Later: Someone on the history page posted a photo of a small hymnal of her ancestor. It says that it was “used in the Sharon Baptist Church in Beaver Twp.” Beaver Township is the one directly south of Monteith, Iowa, so evidently there was a church building at one time. Stay tuned!

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