Soldiers’ Stories: A Collection of WWII Memoirs by The Miller Family


Myra Miller, PhD, is an adjunct professor, writer, book designer, and proud WWII descendant. Ken Miller, Del Miller, Marshall Miller, and Lynette Ballard are also authors and contributors on this WWII book project.  The family pooled their resources and talents to compile over 140+ stories and hundreds of photos to share intriguing stories about WWII men and women.

Book Description

Winner of the 2017 Ella Dickey Literacy Award for historical preservation through literature, this WWII page-turner is a colorful compilation of 140+ stories laced with illustrations and photos telling the personal accounts of young men and women who risked their lives, were wounded or killed to save the lives of millions. True stories depict their valor, patriotism and day-to-day exploits during the 1940s.

As the proud children of Myron H. Miller, S/Sgt, 83rd Infantry Division, K/331st, we share these stories of fellow WWII veterans in his memory.  It is our honor to pass the stories of these brave men and women on to the next generation. We must never forget their sacrifices. The Miller Family pooled their talents and skills to create this beautiful book: with Myra Miller, PhD; Ken Miller, illustrator; Del Miller, Marshall Miller, and Lynette Miller Ballard as writers and editors.


My Thoughts

This gem of a book is wonderful on so many levels. Not only does it honor the military service and memory of Myron H. Miller, father of the authors, but also of so many others. Sons, daughters, grandchildren, and friends of dozens of individuals–some who survived the war, some who didn’t–shared memories and pictures.

The book is beautifully laid out, with extra illustrations woven throughout by Ken Miller, one of Myron Miller’s sons.

It also includes the very poignant story of four of the siblings visiting Europe in order to follow their father’s footsteps with the 83rd Infantry Division, and learning how very much alive is the thankfulness of those who live in the areas those young soldiers freed from the Nazis. The Millers were welcomed by local historians and WWII reenactors, sharing information and meals, and sometimes their very homes with Americans whose father helped rescue their countries.

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  1. One of my father’s letters home is in there, “Jungle Juice”. Ms. Miller told me there was to be a sequel and asked for more stories, I gave her 2 but never heard back again.

    • What page is it on? Couldn’t find him in the index. When Myra asked for stories, I sent her the five Wilson brothers (and one married a gal in the Coast Guard), a cousin (Merrill Goff–story is in here under WWII) Dad and his brother (Uncle Bill’s WWII–under WWII), and another Dexter boy who was lost on that November 2, 1943 attack on Rabaul (Lt. Francis S. Love-under WWII, his daughter lives in Australia and I didn’t want him forgotten). Myra’s sister does the editing and a brother does the artwork. I think when the book does come out it will be worth the wait. The first volume is wonderfully done, and their family story is so compelling.

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