Thanksgiving Menus on Naval Ships 1937-1940


Delbert and Donald Wilson of Dexter, Iowa joined the Navy in 1934 and were assigned to the heavy cruiser USS Chicago (CA-29). Delbert was still aboard for Thanksgiving 1937, although he was discharged the next month. Here’s the menu he sent home to his parents and siblings from Long Beach, California.

1937Th (2)

1937Thanks (2)

Delbert’s younger brother Donald had joined the crew of the new aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (CV-5) in March of 1937. He played Dixie League semi-pro football with the Portsmouth Cubs whenever the ship was in port. The carrier was commissioned that September.

I believe that Donald was #20, the Wilson at the bottom of the roster for the Exhibition Game. He said he’d be guaranteed $15 per game.

He sent these menus home to his parents. Very similar menus, but a change of climate.







E 1/c Donald W. Wilson, Honolulu


  1. Really enjoyed seeing the menus. Oyster dressing was quite popular at the time and of course an after dinner smoke. Great picture of Donald~ Enjoy your celebration on Saturday 🙂

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