***Family Found – Going Home***

The From Shrubs to Trees – A “Pay it Forward” Genealogy Group was formed to reunite “lost” family photos, bibles, diplomas, yearbooks, etc. to family through the “Pay It Forward” generosity of like-minded folks. When I discovered it, I decided to try it with three small pictures my grandmother had but the relationship is so distant, I knew they’d eventually be discarded by my own descendant.

Burris Sisters


I posted this May 29, 2018, plus this much information: “Ruby and Helen Burris, daughter of Stell and Burt Burris. Stell was Dave Branson’s daughter. Taken about 1903. I’ve shared this on the Historic Guthrie County FB page, where we have Burris and Branson members, but hadn’t found a home for this dear little picture.”

After a few notes back and forth, the FB page located a relative on June 16. A grandson of the younger girl, who’d never met his grandmother, was glad to get the little picture. He lives at Yale, Iowa.

Now this is typed at the top of the post: ***Family Found – Going Home***


Barnes Sisters


I posted this one July 12. “Back: Cora and Lora Barnes. Seated: Susie and Avo Barnes. Thelma Barnes in front. Wish they’d named the dog. Postcard mailed to Leora Goff, Audubon, Iowa, postmarked Nov. 23, 1908, Callaway, Ne”

No luck in Audubon County. But by July 22, it was on its way to Azle, Texas, to the granddaughter of one of the sisters. She’d never seen this picture, so was thankful to get it.

Another: ***Family Found – Going Home***


Jordan Sisters


I posted this July 12, with the information my grandmother had written on the back: “Daughters of Floyd Jordan, probably Guthrie County, Iowa: Floy, Maude, and Blanche. A sweet picture.” But no luck on the Guthrie County history Facebook page.

On August 29 I received the address of a relative of these girls, so it is headed to Mt. Prospect, Illinois. These three little girls sat by my computer for several weeks. I miss them!

***Family Found – Going Home***




  1. Thanks for the information about this site. It’s so wonderful that you are able to find homes for these great pictures. And it’s also good that someone took the time to label them!

    • In the 1960s we were living in Idaho. A woman there had just learned information about her Civil War ancestor. I was stunned. How did she learn that. She sent me to the library for a book, “Finding Your Ancestors.” It advised starting with your closest relatives and asking questions. Well, they all were in Iowa, so I have the information they wrote! It urged labeling old pictures, which my grandmothers set to work doing! I’m so thankful they did!

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