Eugenie Anderson  (1909-1997)

US Diplomat, Ambassador to the UN, to Bulgaria, and to Denmark

Helen Eugenie Moore was born on May 26, 1909, in Adair, Iowa, one of five children of Rev. Ezekial A. Moore, a Methodist minister, and his wife, FloraBelle. They moved to Dexter, Iowa, in 1913, where he served in the Methodist Church until 1916. 

Dexter is a small town in southwest Dallas County. Its population never exceeded 795 souls. While the Moore family lived there, about 767 people (1910 Census) lived there.

Eugenie lived in Dexter between ages 4 and 7, and in Iowa until 1930. She married John Pierce Anderson and studied music.

Mrs. Anderson became active in politics, being elected Democratic National Committeewoman in 1948. In 1949 she became America’s first woman ambassador, having been appointed to serve in Denmark. In 1962 she was named American Ambassador to Bulgaria, and became the first Western diplomat to speak in Bulgarian on the State TV and Radio.

EugAnderson 001 (2)
From History of Dexter, Iowa, 1968, page 110.

Eugenie Anderson was US Representative on the Trusteeship Council of the United Nations in 1965, and was the first woman to serve as Alternate US Representative to the Security Council in 1966.

Source: 1968 Dexter Centennial history, pages 109-111.



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