Postum Imbibers

We found an ancient jar of it in Mom’s cupboards. It brought back memories so I brought it home.

Both my grandmother Leora and her mother drank Postum, probably to avoid caffeine. I didn’t pay much attention to health-food ideas when I was a child, but they did introduce me to the odd but warm beverage. There’s still some stiff brown granules in the bottom of the jar. One whiff and I remembered the taste.

Postum–Instant Hot Beverage. Rich, Full-Bodied Taste. Naturally Caffeine Free.

On the back: The Truly Soothing Hot Beverage. Made from a special blend of roasted grains.

I thought I just might try a cup. But, since I became gluten intolerant, I’ve learned to read labels. Oops! The first ingredients are wheat bran and wheat, so I’ll just have to rely on the memory of the flavor.

Postum (2)
Leora Wilson crocheted the runner. The dishes were her mother’s, Laura (Jordan) Goff. Leora’s oldest daughter, Doris helped her grandmother pick out those dishes in the bargain basement of Brandeis Department Store when she still lived in Omaha, 1939. I’ve become the keeper of both the crocheted runner and the set of china.

One time Leora and her mother flew from Iowa to California to visit relatives. Leora’s younger sister and two brothers lived in southern California, so they spent part of one winter there. Wayne Goff, a bachelor brother, showed them the sights.

While they were out and about one, they stopped at a tavern. Believe it or not, they ordered Postum there. Wouldn’t you have loved to see the bartender’s expression? I don’t remember if they actually were served Postum or not, but this picture (from Knotts Berry Farm, I think) always reminds me of the time they ordered Postum in a tavern.

covWagon 001 (2)
Wayne Goff, Laura (Jordan) Goff, Leora (Goff) Wilson

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