The Blessings of 2020

In spite of the limitations
of Covid, the derecho storm,
and a contentious election,

I thank God for many blessings
during 2020.

I have a new shoulder, and a young
physical therapist now knows the difference
between being a senior citizen and being elderly.

Our American Stories aired
a half dozen stories, recorded in
my grandmotherly voice.

Paul Berge narrated Leora's Letters,
and wrote such a compelling story about
the experience that reached hundreds.

Guy chain sawed for the neighborhood
after the derecho, collected their leaves,
and rescued a 1945 King Cleveland trumpet.

The manuscript for Leora's Depression Era
stories is in final stages, and two more books
got mapped out during this memorable year.


  1. I’ve long been spurred along in life by gratitude, but you remind me I’ve fallen into a bit of negative during these 2020 months – the derecho damage to my house, a broken wrist, and such. Thanks for the reminder to look for the positives, and for all the good works you and Guy do for friends and neighbors.

    • This has been a more difficult year for you, and this last 9.6 inches of snow seems like a punctuation mark on 2020, doesn’t it! But I was summing up our year and was surprised at how many bright spots there had been, although I sure am missing getting to read to a certain 3 1/2 year old sitting on my lap!

  2. It was good to read your uplifting summing up of 2020. That’s very good news about the manuscript for Leora’s Depression Era stories being in its final stages. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    • Thank you, Liz. It’s at this odd stage where someone else is “judging your child,” trying not to listen to crazy self-talk about how awful it is at this point!

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