Junior Wilson: Transition Training

Junior Wilson graduated from Army Air Forces Advanced Training and received his wings at Aloe Air Force Base, Victoria, Texas, with the Class of 45-A in March 1945.

He got a furlough home and had his photo in uniform taken by Edmonsons Studio in Perry.

And his mother took a snapshot of him before leaving for Texas again.

Junior2 (6)


Transition Training

Randolph Field, Texas

While the Army Air Force decided what to do with the new graduates, Junior flew the AT-6 and BT-13, not pursuit planes as he’d hoped, during March and April. Junior thought That Randolph Field was was the prettiest field he had been on yet. 

Dear Mom and Dad,

     I hope we get some good news from Dan soon. I sent my graduation announcement to him, but it was returned. I heard that the U.S. forces and Russians have met and cut Germany in two. Austria must be in Allied hands by now. They’ll get Danny out of there.

     I got a letter from Donald. He’s still pounding the Japs. I hope he comes back and stays back. He’s seen enough action.

     How’s everything going on the ranch? I suppose the corn planters are clicking all over the land. Don’t work too hard at the neighbor’s, Dad. You’re independent on the little ranch, so take the highest bidder! Ha!



Foster Field, Victoria, Texas

Aloe Field, Victoria, Texas

Junior finally got to fly the Curtis P-40 Warhawk at Foster and Aloe Fields at Victoria, Texas, through the summer.

juniorp40 (2)
USAAF photo

With the war in Japan also obviously winding down, the pilots at Aloe AAF were getting in flying time, but were in limbo.

Junior still hoped for a chance to go overseas.



  1. He was such a handsome young man and such a sad and yet beautiful story. The war ripped so many family’s apart but the Wilson’s, showed us courage and love beyond all measure. I so enjoyed reading your book Joy.

  2. So young and brave and handsome! Thank God for His service to our country. These brave ones gave all; I like to think everyone appreciates the sacrifices they made, and how they changed the world.

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