Because of You Old Glory Flies: Poems of Gratitude for Our U.S. Military and Veterans

Back Cover

Because of You Old Glory Flies is a collection of heartfelt poems and illustrations to say thank you to all who have served, or currently serve, in the United States military. In creating this book, Julie Dueker and Ray “Bubba” Sorensen II, a.k.a. The Freedom Rock Painter, have combined their unique talents and passions for God and country to show America’s heroes we are forever in their debt. They pray this book touches the hearts and lives of those who open it and share it.


“I’m impressed with Julie’s work to capture the essence of hero. There are heroes all around us and some we would never know served in our nation’s military to defend the rights and privileges that we hold dear. We can never repay them enough for all that they and their families have given to the rest of us. Many are in cemeteries across our land and overseas. Some didn’t return at all. Others live quietly in our communities continuing to give of themselves for the good of others. America’s greatness lies on the backs of our veterans and those who serve today. They have fought and died for us. I believe Julie’s works depict that very well.” — Colonel Robert C. King (Ret)

The Author

What began as elementary history lessons has turned into a ministry inspiring this book. As a teacher and mom, I hope to instill in my children, like my parents did in me, a spirit of patriotism and gratitude for those whose sacrifices have secured our American freedoms. . . .

My Thoughts

There are only eight poems in this collection of remembrance and gratitude for our volunteers in the American military, but they are powerful reminders of those who’ve served the rest of us. “Think of Me” emphasizes a reliance on God in whatever circumstances a warrior has found himself in.

I enjoyed recognizing the illustrator’s children in one poignant drawing. The illustrator is Ray “Bubba” Sorensen II, known across Iowa as the artist for the Freedom Rock north of Greenfield, but also of Iowa’s Freedom Rocks, with the goal of one in every county to promote tourism in the state.

As the wife and daughter of military veterans, and the niece of of several more, including three young airmen who lost their lives in WWII, I’m especially captivated by this collection of original poems by Julie Dueker.


    • This one would be an awkward size for that, but I thought it would be a wonderful thing to give to military personnel and veterans. Could I send you a photo of the new Dallas County Freedom Rock, being painted right now by Ray Sorensen (illustrator of the book)? All five of my mother’s brothers are being featured on it! I’m at

  1. Need to check both books out. As I’ve said so many times, I’m in big danger of liking Poetry. This one might just shove me over into the poet camp. Also, the Paratroopers book has some quotes in it applicable to our boys and girls in the armed forces today, as well as cops, Firefighters, and EMTs.

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