Red River of the North Series by Lauraine Snelling

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Red River of the North Series by Lauraine Snelling

A friend recommended these books to me (thank you, Jorja!) during a time when I was going through and recovering from some difficult health challenges. These wonderful immigration stories of Norwegian families coming to the Red River Valley of North Dakota in 1880 were just what the doctor would have ordered, had she known about them.

Lauraine Snelling created such compelling characters, especially the women, that I was caught up in their lives–and along the way learned how to make a soddy and a lot of other interesting history that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. 

There are six novels in her Red River of the North series, and three in her Return to Red River series. Another series, Daughters of Blessing, features the title characters of Ellie, Sophie, Grace and Astrid.


The third Red River of the North book, A Land to Call Home, is where the women of the community name their town Blessing  in 1887.

The internet has lists of the stories in order, as several families have their own stories that veer off from the originals. Chasing all of them during those hard months was healing in itself.

Anyone interested in historical fiction, especially immigration stories, will enjoy Lorraine Snelling’s books.

How the Red River Series came into being.


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